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NewsLive Mobile App

NewsLive is the mobile app of the NewsWrapTM editorial system/ NRCS with seamless two way connectivity NewsLive supports English and all Indian languages. The content filed by the reporters/ stringers is made available seamlessly in the newsroom software (NRCS) along with photos, audio and video files.

NewsLive has inbuilt option to capture the photo, record audio/video, speech to text and send to newsroom without any delay.

NewsLive saves huge on time as content will reach to newsroom from the field almost in real time.

Editors also have access in the App to edit/approve/disapprove content. NewsLive works with all industry standard NRCS, editorial and web content management systems to receive articles directly from reporters.



  • The App supports photo/ video filing along with caption
  • Support typing and editing in all languages
  • Converters to convert Unicode to non Unicode Print
  • Broadcast to other printing centers
  • Pending articles show up as notifications
  • Facility to senior editors to view, edit and approve