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Newsroom Automation

MediaVerse is a headless CMS that can repurpose content for broadcast, pagination or to digital platforms. The solution supports multimedia and has a workflow for managing social media platforms. Ideal for large media companies that are platform agnostic. Sub systems are also available for print, broadcast and digital platforms.

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Advertisement Life Cycle Management

AdCraft is a comprehensive cross-media ad management system for media companies, covering broadcast, print, digital, OOH, and events. It handles ad booking, scheduling, and publishing based on rate cards or deals. The client interface offers online access to invoices, tear sheets, and ledger info. Layout-X automates print ad placement while AdCraft integrates seamlessly with leading TV and radio playout systems.

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Broadcast Automation

4C Plus has a complete suite of products for newsroom automation. These consist of a newsroom computer system (NRCS), mobile apps for creating content, ingest, playout, media asset management system (MAMS), online streaming, video logger and teleprompter. The solution is MOS based and there is a non MOS version also available.

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Layout X

Layout-X page planning system seamlessly integrated with AdCraft and major third party advertisement systems for auto pagination of classified and display adverts for newspapers. The page plan is then seamlessly transferred to Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress pages using plug-ins. Final page and position details are updated for invoicing.

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ERP For Media

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems tailored for media companies help manage various aspects of media operations, including content creation, distribution, advertising, and financials. They streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and provide real-time data insights, allowing media organizations to efficiently manage resources, optimize processes, and stay competitive in the industry.

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The 4C Plus media sales and distribution system empowers media organizations with integrated newspaper circulation and subscription management, optimizing distribution, handling delivery routes, distribution fleets, agents, copies, subscriber engagement and payments to logistics partners. Mobile Apps allow the system to be extended to agents and drivers.

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01 January 2023

4C Plus BMS is now live on all 6 channels of TV9 Network

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09 June 2020

Language & archival & media asset management solutions

Delhi-NCR based 4Cplus is a news publishing and digital media software and solution supplier that has contributed to the digital transformation of many Indian language and global...

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08 May 2019

Indian publishing software solutions from 4Cplus

In the old days, computer-aided news publishing was focused on producing pages. Editiorial systems sitting on a relational database were handy for giving access to stories and pages...

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