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Ad Craft

Streamlining Your Digital Advertising Operations with our comprehensive Ad Management System

Ad Craft, the 4C Plus Digital Ad Management System, allows media companies to bring different ad networks and direct advertisers on digital properties on one platform. Ad Craft streamlines the process of accepting ads for multiple digital platforms and managing the ads being served using multiple ad networks. Ad Craft can also be updated on the consumed ads for accurate invoicing to the customer.


Deals / Agreement Management:

  • Ad Craft efficiently manages deals and agreements with clients and agencies, taking into account various critical parameters:
  • Advertisements for specific sections on multiple properties
  • Manage Advertisement positions
  • Exclusivity or shared rotations
  • Geographical targeting
  • Ad types include banners, tickers, L Bands, and video ads.

Deal Scheduling & Integrations:

  • Integration with all major ad networks
  • Seamless integration with the MediaWrap, the 4C Plus digital CMS
  • Integration with Ad Networks via API for scheduled ads that have undergone a Publish Audit before invoicing
  • Precise impression tracking.


  • A comprehensive billing system that accounts for ad dimensions, as well as consumption, measured by factors such as days, clicks, impressions, and CPM.
  • Open ROs and deal-based billing for greater flexibility.
  • Approval matrix for the efficient approval of master entries and deals.

Scheduling (Publishing):

  • Managed through the user-friendly front-end of the 4C Plus platform
  • Seamless API integration with Digital Ad Networks.
  • Integration with third-party ad servers to ensure efficient ad delivery.

Impression Tracking:

  • Integration with ad networks to track impressions and generate reports.
  • Detailed impression and log updates directly from ad networks.

eInvoice Portal for Agencies:

  • A secure and rights-based eInvoice portal where invoices can be uploaded and tagged with DFP or other third party ad networks screenshots.
  • User-friendly interface for agencies to access eInvoices and related DFP screenshot images.
  • Advanced features, including password management, date-based filtering, and PDF invoice retrieval.
  • Digitally signed invoices and two-way communication with Finance for ledger updates.
  • Integrated payment gateway for seamless transactions.

Our Digital Ad Management System is engineered to simplify your digital advertising workflow, ensuring precision, efficiency, and profitability. Whether you're a media giant or a dynamic agency, our system adapts to your unique needs, delivering results that drive your success.