TVnet™ is the 4Cplus Intranet solution especially developed for broadcast media companies. TVnet™ is a browser based platform that allows all employees to collaborate using a flexible workflow leading to a paperless office. All employees have a unique username and password that grants user access to the system based on user rights. Being browser based it is accessible anytime – anywhere giving the users flexibility and access. Even if the broadcast companies are using other systems to manage specific departments in the enterprise, TVnet™ can be the thread that binds these islands of information into a seamless enterprise wide collaborative platform.
  • Complete browser based ticker management system
  • Seamless integration with all CG systems
  • Web based story filing allows anytime anywhere access to file stories
  • Make payments to Freelancer
  • Manage workflow of SMS responses to feedback questions
  • Track movement of Outdoor Broadcast (OB) vans
  • Book transport for an assignment online
  • Online directory of business associates, employees, guests and suppliers
  • Election Data management
  • Manage travel and production budgets online
  • Archive tapes based on tape ID and meta data users can search & archive through browser
  • Special module to manage poll election results