NewsWrap is the most versatile Editorial Management application available. NewsWrap simplifies the task of managing content coming from disparate sources, editing it with pre-defined rights and finally publishing it. It also helps in repurposing content and sending the output to a variety of media platforms.
Salient Features
  • Works on PC and Mac
  • Internet Based
  • Save Costs by Cross Channel Publishing- Print, Web, Mobile, Radio & TV
  • Works with all Industry Standard Tools & Applications
  • Search Aggregate Repurpose and Profit from your Content
NewsWrap Modules
  • Wire Server – supports all major wire and syndication services
  • Bureau Server – aggregates all news received from bureau offices
  • Web Interface – for reporters, photographers and citizen journalists
  • Text Editor – allows seamless flow to pagination. MS Office, Quark Copy Desk & Adobe InCopy options also available
  • Workflow – supports both design led and content led workflows
  • Photo Manager – search, preview, select, crop and color correct pictures
  • Communication Engine – facilitates transfer of files for multi location working
  • Instant Messenger – helps reduce communication cost
  • Internet Content Aggregation – crawls predefined websites
  • Pagination Plug-ins - Quark XPress XTensions and Adobe InDesign plug-ins to facilitate page designing
  • Administration Module – add, edit and remove users. Create desks and editions
  • MIS Dashboards - version tracking, user rights, live page status view, audit trails